Science-based assessment with easy interpretation

The methodology follows the FAO SAFA guidelines

Agri Toolkit is a complex sustainability assessment system that can be used to determine and demonstrate the environmental and social performance of small and medium-sized farms. Agri Toolkit is designed in accordance with the UN FAO guidelines (SAFA), which makes it suitable for scientific research and benchmarking, but its primary objective is to help the decisions of those who are sensitive to sustainability and quality by providing transparency in the food supply chain, practical guidance to farmers on more environment-friendly greener practices and ultimately to turn sustainability into a real market advantage.

A practice oriented assessment system

We assess technologies and decisions

Agri Toolkit focuses on farmers decisions and technology choices instead of directly measuring environmental outcomes. We assess whether farmers consciously choose the more sustainable technological options available to them, in order to reduce the negative environmental impact of their farms and to improve their environmental performance. The assessment scores of the various technologies are based on the scientific understanding of their expected environmental impacts.

Assessment dimensions

Major thematic areas of Agri Toolkit


We assess practices that influence emissions of greenhouse gases, particulate matter and odour.


We assess freshwater use (irrigation, water retention) and (subsurface) water pollution.


Activities that influence the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil and those that influence soil erosion.


We consider landscape structure, diversity of wild flora and fauna and the genetic diversity of crops and reared animals.

Materials and Energy

Energy use, energy efficiency, waste generation, chemical inputs, waste management are considered in this section.

Animal welfare

We condition the living conditions for all common species and the veterinary treatments that are applied (antibiotics, hormones etc.)

Local economy

This section is currently under development.

How does it work?

In practice, Agri Toolkit is a long questionnaire. We ask questions about plants and animals, technologies, materials used and everyday considerations that have a strong influence on environmental outcomes. When the assessment is conducted for the first time our colleague visits the farm to record the answers and consult the farmer. In the following occasions, self-reporting is available.